Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

743 Pupils in Social Projects

14 Chaplains and instructors accompanying in Catholic formation

15 Partnerships for Social Participation

We educate by evangelising and evangelise by educating

Our school is part of the educational work of Regnum Christi, which has been providing education for more than 65 years through 167 educational centres in different countries around the world.

We form our students in a Christian vision of life, in which faith and reason come together to bring out the best in people. Our school creates an environment of joy and freedom in which everyone can discover God’s love.

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

Knowing Jesus and living the joy and beauty of faith

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

Formation for leadership and apostolate

He who does not live to serve does not serve to live

Social participation and apostolate

We educate our students in servant leadership, so that they feel committed to the good of the society to which they belong and contribute to it through their training and profession.

We train them as apostles, that is, people who feel the impulse to communicate to others the joy and beauty that faith has made them experience.

With this in mind, our students from Primary to Baccalaureate participate in social projects adapted to their age, which foster their sensitivity to the needs of others and make them live the transforming experience of serving the most disadvantaged in our society.

We collaborate with:

Institutions in social need
Catholic Formation Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

  • Altius Fundation.
  • San Juan de Dios Parish (Vallecas).

Old people’s homes

  • Orpea (Sanchinarro).
  • Nazaret (Montejo de la Sierra).

Centres for people with intellectual and physical disabilities

  • A LA PAR Foundation.
  • San José Institute Foundation (Brothers of San Juan de Dios).
  • Juan XXIII Foundation.
  • María Corredentora School of Special Education.
  • Cottolengo
  • Urban Angels Association.
  • Nadiesolo NGO (family volunteering).

Foundations for the defence of unborn life

  • Godmother Foundation.
  • Red Madre Foundation.

Participation in school campaigns and events: 

Altius Foundation:

  • Collection and distribution of food at Christmas.
  • Own Clothes Day.
  • Children’s solidarity race.
  • Family Day (solidarity verbena).
  • Domund campaign.
  • Collection of bottle tops for a new life.
  • Operation Patuco (nappies and powdered milk).
  • “Solidarity toy” campaign.
  • Pablo Horstman Foundation. Turkana Project (3rd year of Primary School).

Colegio Católico Privado Madrid