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They are undoubtedly are our most important asset: pupils who possess great potential and who come to school happy, as they themselves often say, even during the difficult stage of adolescence. This result is reflected in an anonymous survey.

Learning to live together, the voice of the pupils

Are you happy at school?

Response optionsPercentageNumber of responders
Very happy46,92%
Fairly happy17,12%
Sometimes yes and sometimes no17,12%
Not very happy1,37%
I’m unhappy0%


We benefit from an excellent faculty of more than 100 professionals, of which 21 are native speakers.

In the field of sports, the 19 teachers and trainers are of the highest level and help us achieve considerable success in competitions.

Moreover, we offer full-time staff (outside the classroom) who are dedicated to the pupils’ spiritual and human formation: deans of students and formation instructors.

And they all …