International Formation Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

3 Official language accreditations (Oxford, Cambridge, DELF)

50 of curricula in British and Spanish

3 Curricular languages: English, Spanish and French, the latter from 4th year of primary school.

100 IGCSE Passes

We stimulate in our students the desire to always give the best of themselves in all areas of their lives.

This involves motivating them to achieve the best results as learners so that they can better contribute to the good of others.

Our international model is designed to educate our students as responsible, active, well-informed and communicative members of a global community.

Learning foreign languages is key to developing global citizens and competitive professionals, but it is not the only element of a solid international education.

The internationalisation of our school involves:

  • We are Cambridge International School: our students, through the methodology and contents of the Cambridge British programme, are not only competent in English, but also learn to reason and reflect in English. Our pupils can sit the IGCSE exams in 4th ESO and obtain the double qualification, British and Spanish; in Bachillerato they can opt for the international line of A-levels.
  • Language learning: the excellent level of English is endorsed by the results obtained in the official exams taken at the school, as we are also an official Cambridge English examination centre. Our students finish Bachillerato with a C2 in English and a B2 in French.
  • International Activities within the school.
  • International experiences abroad: we support our students who wish to have an experience abroad in countries such as the USA, Ireland, New Zealand, France and Switzerland.
  • Personalised guidance for students who aspire to university education abroad.
  • Europe Scholarships: our best students can apply for this programme organised by the Francisco de Vitoria University, part of the Regnum Christi educational network.
International Formation Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

A strong curriculum

With ambitious pedagogical objectives and rigorous content in the scientific, humanistic, physical and artistic areas.


Our own pedagogy (SUNRISE PROGRAM) based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychopedagogy, with the best teaching strategies and resources.

Our teaching system is based on early stimulation, learning by discovery, and the promotion of creativity and research. It is based on an approach that goes beyond the mere reception, memorisation and application of what has been learnt. It is based on methodologies such as cooperative learning, project-based learning, thinking routines and skills and executive functions.

Through them we promote in our students:

  • Solid knowledge and a great capacity to relate it to each other, to give reasons for their points of view and decisions.
  • The capacity for astonishment, which arouses in them a curiosity to learn about reality and an interest in questioning things and investigating problems.
  • Proactivity, which makes them ask new questions and propose different approaches.
  • Reflection on their own intellectual processes, learning to give their own opinion and have their own criteria. Discovering their own voice.
  • Ability to analyse, synthesise and relate.

Development of mathematical competence and linguistic competence.

Learning mathematics applied to real situations within transversal activities, manipulative and deductive mathematics, public speaking and communication skills programmes, written expression and creative writing programmes, etc…

A technological project of our own (Really Connected)

Incorporating technology gradually, progressively and adapted to reach all pupils through different channels (interactive whiteboards, robotics and programming, Tablet Assisted learning, augmented reality, 3D printing, STEAM projects).

International Formation Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

Colegio internacional Madrid. Bachillerato internacional en Madrid: zona La Moraleja y Alcobendas. Colegios internacionales Madrid.