Upper Baccalaureate Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

We build responsible and competent people to embark on the journey towards personal and professional fulfilment.

We offer “Leadership Baccalaureate”, a proprietary programme conceived as a pre-university stage that enhances leadership skills and offers several curricular options, including the international strand of A-levels.

The Baccalaureate student is accompanied in a personal way at a crucial moment in his or her development in order to achieve his or her best academic, human and spiritual development and to guide him or her in making decisions about his or her university future.

Upper Baccalaureate Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)


Study Techniques

In a multidisciplinary way, we work on the most useful study techniques for students with the aim of maximising their performance in the EvAU exams or in the entrance exams to foreign universities and throughout their university life.

  • Planning a timetable
  • Scheduling homework
  • Identifying the most important ideas
  • Mind maps and summaries
  • Memorisation techniques
  • Relaxation techniques

In addition, through personal tutorials with the guidance department, these techniques are reinforced where necessary.

Critical Thinking

Our work to achieve critical thinking in our students is a priority in our educational model, but even more so in our Baccalaureate proposal. To this end, we encourage our students to manage and handle information, so that they are able to choose the best option consistent with their hierarchy of values.

This is why our pupils:

  • Are capable of arriving at the strengths and weaknesses of any proposition.
  • They formulate meaningful and rigorous responses to the proposed proposals.
  • They make decisions always with respect for the individual.
  • They become seekers of truth, forming themselves as leaders of positive action.

Debate Programme

We teach our students to defend their ideas with solid arguments and tools.

To work on and hone debating skills, our students:

  • Research arguments.
  • Organise their ideas.
  • They are able to defend and express their ideas in three languages (Spanish, English and French).

Art and Culture

We are firmly committed to art and culture as key complements to the integral development of our pupils. Through a programme of cultural enrichment and competitions we seek to maintain their motivation, interest and passion for knowledge, culture and art so that they discover the true values of truth, goodness and beauty in all disciplines and in their personal lives.


Language Certificates

Within the curriculum, we prepare our students to be certified at the highest levels of English, Cambrige Advanced (C1) and Proficiency (C2) and French (DELF B2). To ensure your success in these demanding tests, our language department offers:

  • Extension of the English timetable: 4 teaching hours per week and the possibility of extending with two more hours by taking the subject ”English Extension”.
  • Continue learning French through an optional subject.
  • Personalised preparation. Groups by level in order to assume a reasonable pace of work according to your circumstances.

International Experiences

As part of our international model, we have a University Counselor who accompanies the discernment process of students who apply to universities outside Spain.


Tutorial Action Plan

At this stage of Baccalaureate, the tutorial action plan is focused on a leadership programme where the student discovers and strengthens his or her skills, talents and gifts. The team of tutors is trained for this mission so that the student has this guidance throughout the entire Baccalaureate stage.

In addition, specific strategies and resources are included to enable our students to face the EvAU and the transition to their next stage: university studies.

Upper Baccalaureate Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

Vocational Guidance

At this stage the tutors accompany each student through the personal interviews that take place in relation to the academic and human development that each student is acquiring. Some are very clear about their vocational orientation, others are not so clear until the last moment. There is no need to worry, it is something natural and absolutely normal. At our school they will have all the necessary tools and human support to make the right choice.

We carry out personal interviews with the students and their families with the aim of drawing up a realistic teamwork plan that will make it possible for them to enter the career and university of their choice.

In addition to the regular support work, the psycho-pedagogical guidance department offers various activities that are key to this programme:

  • Work experience: Students receive university and professional advice on the different careers and their job opportunities. They also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various companies and institutions that they can choose according to their professional interests, so they can experience first-hand the work that is carried out in different sectors.
  • University Orientation Days: Where we accompany our students through workshops, round tables with university students and exhibitions of various careers, in the choice of their higher studies in visits to their professional future.
  • Visits to public and private universities.

Upper Baccalaureate Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)


Integral Formation Trips

As part of the training programme, the students, together with their teachers and trainers, go on a trip at the beginning of each year of Baccalaureate.

In 1st Baccalaureate this is a 5-day pilgrimage trip along the Camino de Santiago to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. This experience helps them to understand that in this new stage they will also be able to achieve all their challenges if they work as a team, face difficulties and live with joy and trust in themselves.

In 2nd Baccalaureate our students go on a last school trip to Medjugorje.

Missions in Latin America:

During the summer and on a voluntary basis our students, accompanied by their teachers and former students, have the opportunity to spend part of their holidays helping others.

Social Participation Programme

We want our students to experience that there is more joy in giving than in receiving, and that they want to work for the good of others and the transformation of society.

In collaboration with various welfare institutions in different fields, we have designed a Social Participation Programme that allows our students to get involved in activities within these institutions. They discover the needs of others and learn to respond to them in a committed and effective way, while developing a more charitable and empathetic attitude towards all the people around them.


We encourage our students to develop behaviours and attitudes that enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this sense, physical activity and sport are fundamental. In our Sixth Form we have two sessions of Physical Education per week and we encourage pupils to continue their journey in extra-curricular individual and team sports.


Digital competence

Upper Baccalaureate Colegio Privado Madrid (La Moraleja)

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