Our formative model

Graduate profile

All our programmes are designed to achieve the ideal profile of the Highlands pupil, structured around twelve competences that we believe are key for their personal development, for success in university and working environments and so that they are able to contribute to the transformation of society.

Our aim is for the pupil to progressively develop their own possibilities, while diminishing or neutralising their own limitations, so that they discover for themselves the types of activities and relationships are the best suited to their personalities.

Pedagogical style and method

As we are part of an international organisation, with over fifteen universities and two hundred schools, we benefit from a large resource base for continuous research and innovation. Our motto Semper Altius (Ever Higher), is not only a challenge for our pupils, but also for our entire faculty and for the institution itself.

We are inspired by love, which is why we place the pupil at the centre of our educational method. We are founded on a Christian anthropological vision: we form those who seek truth and beauty, who are mature, committed and Christian individuals, and always within an atmosphere of proximity, happiness and true freedom.

Didactic strategies and resources